‘Meeters and Greeters’, (1997)
is a 68 minute DVD first shown at the Photographers’ Gallery as part of the exhibition, ‘Airport’.  It consists of cuts of people waiting at Heathrow Airport and the artist was looking for the point where people apparently became unaware of themselves. It was installed on an airport security monitor in the Gallery and ran on a continuous loop. Edition of 3 with 2 artist’s proofs.
‘30’25” (Marie)’, (2003)
is a 30 minute DVD shown as part of the exhibition, ‘Treat Yourself: health consumers in a medical age’, and was shown on a monitor alongside a second piece, ‘30’25” (Fiona)’, (2003).  Both runners were given an instruction to look at the camera and, when their minds wandered, suggesting a mind-body split, they looked away.  The pieces ran simultaneously on a continuous loop so that Marie and Fiona entered and left their respective frames at the same time. Each is in an edition of 3 with 2 artist’s proofs.
videos © Gabriella Sancisi